ZvuchimVmeste – the modern school of the game on Heppidram (Kiev)

  • 31.10.2018
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ZvuchimVmeste – the modern school of the game on Heppidram (Kiev)

Mandatory registration by phone. +38 063 364 5773 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)

How to learn to play on glukofone or hang?

Music School Sounds Together invites you to play the game on Heppidram (glucophone). This is a modern instrument on which it is impossible to debug due to the nature of the construction of the scale. From it, each sound is extracted harmoniously and effortlessly.

Lessons at school Sounds Together helps to relax, clear your mind, get distracted and get a sip of inspiration. After class, you feel that the brain is ready to create, like after a good sleep or a relax massage. We will be happy to see both adults and children. Kids also welcome Heppidram. It helps the child develop creativity and improves mental abilities.

What is the benefit of studying the game on Heppidram?

This tool is loved by many, regardless of their occupation, because:

– is a way to relax the soul and body.

– develops a sense of rhythm.

– develops hearing.

– develops fine motor skills, dexterity and attentiveness.

– affects productivity.

– harmonizes the work of the brain hemispheres, synchronizing the movements of both hands.

– the sound of Heppidram has a calming effect, which has a positive effect on sleep.

Classes are conducted by an experienced musician – Sergei Nabroskin:

– multi-instrumentalist.

– guitar player.

– improviser.

– Participant of various festivals (Vedalife, Avatar Yogafest, Sea Woods).

– gave more than 100 concerts in Ukraine and Russia.

– participated in co-creation with many musicians, as well as dancers and actors.

Serezha will tell you about all the intricacies of working with the tool. You will also find out where the hands, feet and tail of the glucophone are. They are needed to study the musical pattern, with which you create a harmonious melody. This is fast, and the result will not keep you waiting. Come and see for yourself.

During the course you will learn:

– extract sound with chopsticks and hands.

– melodies for the development of coordination of the movement of both hands.

– rhythmic patterns for strong and weak beats.

– create harmonious melodies.

– listen to each other.

– improvise.

The school provides a tool for each individual.

When: every Friday.

Number of seats: 8.

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 200 UAH.

Mandatory registration by phone. +38 063 364 5773 (viber, telegram, whatsapp)

We will be glad to see everyone)


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