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World – Legend

  • 30.04.2014
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World – Legend

Long time ago, the Earth stood on the backs of three Elephants. And the Elephants stood on a tortoise swimming in the World Ocean … And they kept the Earth for millions of years.

But once they came to the edge of the Earth, the wise scholars looked down and even gasped. “Really,” they gasped, “Our world is so unstable that the Earth can fly to Tartar at any moment?” !

– Hey, Elephants! Shouted the sage. – Are you tired of keeping Earth?

“Don’t worry,” answered the Elephants. – We love people and the Earth. And we promise you: while the Elephants are alive, she will not fall!

– Hy, Turtle! – shouted one of the wise men. – Isn’t it hard for you to keep our Earth with elephants?

“Earth is not a feather,” answered the Turtle. – And every year everything

heavier. But do not worry: as long as the Turtles are alive, the Earth will not fall!

This is how Elephants and the Turtle responded to humans. But the wise scholars did not believe them. “And what, – they were frightened, – if the Elephants want to go to the circus? And if the Turtle catches a cold and sneezes? .. ”

“It’s not too late,” the wise men decided, “we have to save the Earth.”

– Iron nails need to nail it to the shell of the Turtle! – offered one.

“And chained to her elephants with gold chains!” – added the second.

– We will save humanity and the Earth! – they shouted

And then the Earth reeled.

– Honestly, Elephants are stronger than gold chains! – the angry Elephants blew and went into the jungle.

– Honestly Turtles are harder than iron nails! – offended Turtle and dived into the depths.

– Wait! Shouted the wise men. – We believe you!

But it was too late: the Earth swayed and hung …

The wise men squeezed their eyes in horror and waited …

A minute has passed. Two. Three.. .

And the Earth is hanging!

An hour has passed. Day. Year ..

And she keeps!

And a thousand years have passed. And a million …

And the Earth does not fall!

And some wise men are still waiting for her to fall.

And they just can not understand – on what does it stand?

So much time has passed, but they are all unaware that if the Earth is holding on to something else, then


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