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  • 30.03.2014
  • 1,205

Alien Workshop willingly participates in the design of a test music square in Kiev.

Alien Workshop – Happy Drum | Glyukofon joined the creation of a test square from other materials: cardboard, drawing paper, glue, adhesive tape and plastic screeds on the Landscape Alley in Kiev.

It all started with an introduction to @agentyzmin, who design effective navigation in the subway, and in other urban spaces, develop things for everyday use, such as contactless cards in the subway., Kiev metro schemes, city ​​navigation signs, etc.

They offered us to create a test version of a unique musical zone in the park, to which we, with interest, agreed! And for good reason.

Passing people very eagerly approached, played and were interested in happy scenes and everything that was happening and from the dead the terrain literally came to life before our eyes.

Now @agentyzmin is launching a real project to create a music park. And we are happy to help them in this!

You can read more about what happened during the construction of the test park on the Landscape Alley here: ..

The bottom line: BE in music in a public place!


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