Interview with an unusual traveler Katya - Alien Workshop

Interview with an unusual traveler Katya

  • 30.01.2014
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Interview with an unusual traveler Katya

The other day we decided to interview an unusual traveler Katya. She is not one who is attached to one place. If she is bored in one place – she moves to another.
Her life is a constant adaptation to a new place and new people.
Can you guess what Katya’s source of income is …? 🙂

About this in more detail.

Eve: Katya, how did you even know about such an instrument as a happy drum and about an Alien Workshop subsequently?
Katia: There was nothing to do and I’ve watched different videos on Youtube with the records of various unusual musical instruments. And in this collection randomly was a happy drum. I liked this sound so much that I wrote immediately in a Google search “buy a happy drum Kiev”. So the Alien Workshop was found and subsequently the order was made.

Eve: Did you take a happy drum for yourself or for a gift?
Katia: Initially, I took it as a gift, but the circumstances was so formed that with the person, whom I wanted present happy drum our ways have dispersed, but with the happy drum – no)

Eve: Why did you decide to make a living in such an unusual way like playing happy drum on the street for passing people? Why not a waitress, for example, or “on specialty”?
Katia: I’ve changed a lot of spheres of activity (yes, I worked as a waitress in my student years). All “normal jobs” have one big minus – vacation once in a year (well, or two short ones). But I always wanted to travel. Well, the circumstances have developed so that in a foreign country I was left without money but with a happy drum. When I tried to step into metro for the first time for playing there on a happy drum, I realized that it was only the beginning. So, I cannot stop till now.

Eve: “I heard that you’ve been not in one country only.” Is a musical instrument your source of income In other countries also?
Katia: Yes, in every country or city where I stay or live – I make money by playing on the streets. All It was began from Belarus, then Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and at the current moment Turkey.

Eve: “You said that a happy drum is your friend and helper.” Share, please, how or in what ways has it already helped you?
Katia: It helps very well to calm down, quickly get rid of stress and other negative emotions. And not only me. There are many people In Istanbul now, who are in a state of fear because of the terrorist attacks. They walk down the streets and look around constrainedly (is there are any suspicious people or objects). They pass by, hear music, stop, smile and relax. These moments are very pleasant.

Eve:”A lot of people have already came from you to buy for themselves the same instrument.” About 10 persons, if not more, who saw your playing on the street. How do you do this, how can you so influence on people?
Katia: But I don’t know the answer on this question. Probably, it is better to ask the people who came. I just play and if a person comes up to me and is wondering where this can be bought, I give contacts. It’s simple)

Eve: How about creating your own music project? Or at least recording your musical compositions? Did you think about it?
Katia: It’s very interesting for me and I participated in projects together with DJs in Istanbul, sometimes I play together with other musicians also. But it seems to me, that for the project I still have insufficient level. There is something to work on.

Eve: How do people in other countries react when you play on the street? The most unusual reaction, on your opinion?
Katia: Mostly very positive. They listen, dance, make photos, videos (once they nearly beat the policemen who came to send me away). Sometimes they say something like “I do not understand this music.” Sometimes I do not understand what they say (I do not know Turkish))). But surpassed everybody some old lady from Voronezh, who told me (and my friend) that it would be better if we were doing prostitution. She cheered us very much.

Eve: If it’s not a secret, what are your plans for the future? Have you ever thought about going round the whole world with your already beloved musical instrument?
Katia: I do not plan anything at all, especially long-term. The whole world … Why not?))) Let’s see.

Eve: Imagine that you are on the stage of a huge hall with high ceilings and balconies. You stand near the microphone. And you need to say or show something to a lot of people watching on you. What would you do?
Katia: Ask yourself “Am I happy?” Your life has meaning and you are on the right path only in one case – if your answer to yourself is “Yes”. Any other options mean that this is not your way and you are still searching. Happiness will not come to you until you will not “clear” the path for it. For this you need to change, throw away everything old to get a new one. The main thing is not to be afraid and everything will turn out!

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