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How to choose the right picture on HappyDrum?

  • 10.06.2014
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How to choose the right picture on HappyDrum?

How to choose the right picture on HappyDrum?
The first thing that catches the eye at the sight of such a musical instrument as Happidram is its appearance.

These tools are so different (and in colors, textures, engravings.), How different are countries, cultures of the world and, in general, people for whom, in fact, these tools are intended.

The 21st century, in our opinion, is the century of self-expression. The century, where the most disparate people, styles, judgments, beliefs, etc., get together for one square meter. It is impossible not to agree that this trend is only growing and growing every year.

Everything that you wear on yourself, what you surround yourself with – all this characterizes you without words, agree.

Melodious drums, which were invented not so long ago (in 2005–2007), also go hand in hand with their generation, emphasizing the general tendency “how many people – so many offers”.

Want to stand out? Now you can emphasize your worldview, beliefs, lifestyle, subtly conveying this image on your personal Happidram. What would you like to perpetuate? What pictures, images immediately come to mind?

Would you like to choose a cool and memorable gift?

Here you need to predict the person to whom it is intended or, you can simply transfer your feeling to the birthday boy through the drawing. For example, the image of the sun will convey your most radiant and warm wishes, and the symbol of an elephant – loyalty and friendliness.

Lovers often give a tool with the image of the Mandala of Love, which has the appropriate energy and aims to show their sincere feelings.

If this person is your boss, it will be original to give him a tool with the logo of his company. Such a move will show that you care about the place where you work, and the boss will appreciate it, believe and respect you even more.

If you are at a loss with the choice of the image on the instrument, in this case, the Alien Workshop has Happidrams available, even for the most sophisticated taste and color.

Good luck to you !

And remember: whatever you choose, it will be true.

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