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How to choose Happy Drum / Glucofon?

  • 15.06.2014
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How to choose Happy Drum / Glucofon?

If you are currently reading this article, then you have wondered about acquiring an analogue of the Hang – heppidram (happydrum). You are fascinated by these sounds that you managed to hear, perhaps even for the first time in your life. And we are fascinated also for a long time. And therefore, with pleasure, we will help you in choosing by answering any questions you may have.

What does the happyman look like?
So. The happydrum itself looks like this: a spherical flying saucer, hollow from the inside, made of metal; in the upper hemisphere, petals of a certain form are cut through, striking which we actually hear an incredible spectrum of overtones consisting of many notes at once.

It should be noted right away that happyr is the work of handmade, besides having passed the hands of not one master, but the whole team of craftsmen! Perhaps that is why this musical instrument is fascinating not only with its sounds, but also with its appearance, because not one brain and not one heart are laid here.

What is the difference between happyr?
Happy drums, differ in their size, design, tone and color

22 cm

34 cm

60 cm in diameter

For what purpose do you need a tool?
For a gift? Or for yourself?
Both in the first and in the second case it is enough for you to put down priorities, what is more important: sound? Appearance, weight? Practicality?


The sounds on the glucophones are different: the larger the volume of the instrument, the longer the sound of each note, respectively.

The length of the sound is 22 cm in diameter, less than 34 cm, but in terms of weight, the second is inferior to the first – about 3.8 kg compared with a baby of 1.5

60 cm is the king in its sound, but one should also take into account that it is good in terms of weight – about 7 kg. That is why it fits well permanently in any studio / room / in any other room.

The sounds of the instruments are very different, each conveys a certain mood: minor (dramatic), major (joyful), oriental (Arab / Japanese), African and many others.

The peculiarity of all instruments is that you can play them by removing the notes in any order. The style of the game is determined by you. So, you never fake on this musical instrument.

That is why it is suitable for both adults and children. Musical skills and knowledge of musical notation are also not necessary for creating harmonious melodies.

We always have a good range of glucophones available, and among them there will definitely be one that suits you personally.

The best option in all respects is a metal drum 34 cm in diameter.

It is the most popular among the rest, as it is able to satisfy many with its functionality: starting from the number of notes (8-12) and exquisite detailed design, ending with long-lasting sound.

We offer a choice of several models with different petal shapes – round, rectangular, triangular and combined. The shape of the petals, or as they are called “tongues”, does not affect the sound. It remains to choose the shape to your liking.

The colors we offer are as follows: gloss chameleon, gold gloss and matt black.

The chameleon has many modulations – from blue to gold

Golden is a noble color, equivalent to the sun.

Matt black is interesting for its restraint and practicality. This coating, more than others, will help protect against moisture.

An engraving is any image made with the use of engraving, that is, cutting through, scratching, in our case on metal.

Engraving is what makes the hippidram really exclusive and eye-catching. The eternal drawing, which is definitely pleasant to the touch, and that will never be erased under any pretext!

It is not often possible to see musical instruments depicting a favorite symbol or artistic drawing.

We offer, on a choice, works with already ready engravings which always are available, for every taste and color. Or make an engraving for individual order.

The first option will suit you if you want to make a purchase here and now and there is no time and desire to wait.

In the second case will have to wait. Terms of manufacturing a tool with an engraving on order – within 2-4 weeks.

Our representative will help you choose the instrument according to the required parameters, and we promise that you and your family / friends / colleagues will be satisfied and will be able to enjoy the charming music created here and now.

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