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How does Happy Drum influence on development?

  • 15.02.2014
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How does Happy Drum influence on development?

It’s no secret to anyone that the kids really like these sorts of noise-sounding things.

And it is for a reason, because if you look into the earlier development of children, it is established that the fetus starts to distinguish the sounds coming from the surrounding world  already on19th week. And the music, characterized by an orderly change of tempo and a congruous rhythm – this is the first thing that attracts his attention (Of course, after the mother’s voice). Does music help in the formation of the fetus’s worldview? Obviously!

There is an undeniable fact, recognized long ago, that music provides more than a positive effect on small kids. They perceive the wonderful world of diverse sounds and rhythms just with the help of feelings and emotions. Kids seem to clearly understand what the composer / musician wanted to “tell” in his composition. Whatever one might say, mankind

more and more comes to an indisputable conclusion, that music is a tool that is essential for the education of a harmonious person.

Is it necessary for a child to learn music?

If a child  from an early age already has something to do with playing musical instruments,  the notion that music can have different shades, the most subtle overflows, he can hear the slightest changes in it are already laid in him . And, no wonder, that  with some time he will learn to hear these changes  in human speech also, notice how the notes in mother’s intonation are changing  or how a teacher just by looking is hinting at how he need a silence in the classroom now. It leads to the conclusion that the child with the help of music learns how to communicate with people, catch the mood of the interlocutor, his emotional state. Also, it is indisputable that music helps to develop in the child such qualities as: perseverance, patience and the ability to systematic work.

However, this does not mean at all, that it is already worth running to write down your child to a music school with the hope, that he will immediately become sensual and diligent. Many children cannot stand up in musical school even for a year, because they are bored there, they need to learn a lot of incomprehensible terms and understand them, to repeat the same melodies every day at home.

If you knowingly can foresee such a situation, the best choice is to give your child a musical instrument, which, as practice shows, is interesting to play already from the first moments, when it come into the hands – Happy drum (in the simple common form it is called Gluckophone -from the german word Gluck- which means happiness). This is due to a specially selected pentatonic scale on the instrument, where any note is combined, in whatever way you would play. So, how you wouldn’t play the sound never will be fake. It will be always beautiful and melodiously. So a child has a genuine interest and a parent is happy, because sound is not annoying, unlike trying to play the piano or guitar, for example.

A musical instrument as a toy that have a lot of benefits.

Such a toy brings a real benefit to the child, unlike strange talking and noisy hobbies. The instrument develops a sense of rhythm, fantasy.

Playing it with both hands, the child simultaneously connects both hemispheres of the brain.

Creating songs stimulates memory to memorize a sequence of sounds.

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