Happydrums participate in the acclaimed Ukrainian flower exhibition FlowerMarket

  • 25.02.2014
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Happydrums participate in the acclaimed Ukrainian flower exhibition FlowerMarket

Dear Guys, Ladies and Gentlemen!

On October 22, 2017, our Alien Workshop plunged into the world of beautiful fragrances, colors and shapes, and together with all those present, created the mysterious atmosphere of music right in the center of the exhibition in the lounge area at the Kyiv Flower Market exhibition. It was lively and incredible – a sea of ​​flowers, flower arrangements, enchanting charismatic music and a ton of beauty in all its different manifestations! *

Everyone could have a look at the specially equipped room in the “Boho” style, where one could take a break and enjoy the sound waves born from 21st century musical instruments – happydrum.

Of course, different versions of instruments were presented, which differed in size, design and sound among themselves. And most importantly, everyone could independently try to master the game on this unique device. But this is quite simple – just a desire and a minimal sense of rhythm and you already manage to extract harmonious melodies!

Interestingly, the mixture of sounds emanating from these instruments acts fascinatingly on almost any person because the human ear perceives them as something “new” and hitherto unheard ”. Approximate analogs for this sound are bells, Tibetan singing bowls, and even harp. They also have a similar effect – calming and relaxing the human psyche.

Thanks to such colorful floral and musical exhibitions, people are born with inspiration for creation, creativity, vision and a sense of beauty! At least, this is what was read in the eyes, in fact, for everyone who was there and saw everything with his own eyes.

And the team of the Alien workshop also fell under the hand! 🙂

We are grateful for the opportunities this world gives us! And, certainly, for flowers, love, joy and bright colors!


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