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Happy Drum landed right in a public park!

  • 30.05.2014
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Happy Drum landed right in a public park!



Do you know, dear friends, that the solemn and long-awaited opening of the world’s first park ground (300 sq. Meters), on which the stationary Happidram from the Alien Workshop is located, took place in Kharkov in October 2017? As many as 60 cm of true cosmic sound for everyone!

Yes, yes, we ourselves are in the culture shock of our deed!



From now on, everyone in Kharkov or a visitor to the city can freely come to Molodezhny Park together with their loved ones / friends, and better with those and others, and try to feel this ever-flying UFO with their own fingers and ears.


The tool itself is installed right in the center of the site in the gazebo, under a spherical dome, inside which stands the “starry blue-blue sky”, embodied in reality by the Kharkov artist of the “Kailas-V” creative group Andrei Palval. This sky is unusual, it also glows in the dark!

Wavy benches made of eco-friendly materials and tables with lights for board games were placed around the gazebo. You can also come to the site with tailed pets: dispensers for cleaning were installed next to them. And next to the “Green zone” there is a parking lot. Why not joy?

Started with a bang! It now remains to “mutilate” the rest of the city. Which one do you think ..?

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