From Olga Fomina's blog, interview with Alien Workshop - Alien Workshop

From Olga Fomina’s blog, interview with Alien Workshop

  • 20.05.2014
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From Olga Fomina’s blog, interview with Alien Workshop

You know, I am generally not a fan of various musical instruments, and I can’t play any of them besides the harmonica.

But here are some unreal, unearthly, well, instruments that are out of the general idea made me try my hand in the field of music and were very pleased with it.

The full name of this miracle is Happy Drum Glyukofon Steel Tongue drum, and they are produced by the guys from the “Alien workshop”.

And let this direction be a little distracted from the so familiar eco-themes of my posts, nevertheless I could not resist not to communicate with (the co-founder of the Alien Workshop (I.M.) Eva Vivat)


Good afternoon. At the last VeganFest in Kiev, the sound of your instruments met the guests and invited everyone to test themselves in the role of an alien musician. Why were you exhibited at VeganFest, how do you connect your business with vegan culture?

Good afternoon! Very simple. Vegan culture is, above all, a culture of a conscious approach to life, an approach with love, as I see it, perhaps, not only me.

Alien Workshop from the very beginning, from the very birth, was and is such a conscious phenomenon. This may be evidenced by at least the fact that, in fact, always, people find something super-explanatory, but always comforting, soothing, and pleasant in these instruments.

Once, Anton and I (“parents” I.M.) put particles of themselves into this brainchild, and now

it lives its own life and continues to grow, bringing benefit, joy and comfort to people.

In general, design, materials, etc. – is it all your know-how or peeped somewhere?

About the idea to make exactly heppidrama, with pleasure, I will tell more in the next question.

But the design of heppidrams, their “images” – this is our main feature, which we have always diligently worked through and worked through to tiny details (form of petals (notes), their functional arrangement, engravings, their meaning), since we consider 50% is what defines the concept of a particular instrument and its value.

People love not just things, they love when these things remind them of something. Is not it?

And the material is not a secret, it is black high-quality carbon steel. It is used most often for the manufacture of this kind of instruments, because it is she who gives the very magic sound, rich in overtones (impurities in the sound).

And from where and how long did the idea of ​​creating a whole enterprise for the manufacture of these tools appear?

I’ll start from the beginning for complete clarity. This is perhaps the most significant thing that ever happened in my life. It was in 2014, when before me and Anton, after a certain period of travel and sweet life, the question was: what next? Where to direct your strength, your creative potential? After all, so much neobyatnoy love inside and pure inspiration. And then Anton sees the very clip for the song “Conductor” of the GROT group.




Further: the first tool with his own hands on the balcony of a small apartment. After – a trip to the Carpathians, where it becomes clear to us that this tool has some incredible strength and appeal. In fact, all those who see him want to play on it or at least hold it in their hands.

And, here, when you have a little more than 100 UAH for two in your pocket and there is no source of financial income, as such, you begin to really think about your skills and talents.

As true romance dreamers, we decide to go to Odessa by hitchhiking with two large backpacks and two heppidrams to the festival of travelers. It so often happens that when traveling people, suddenly, they begin to understand something about themselves and about what they want to do. True, everything turned out differently. From the festival we left, not impressed. And then a night on a public beach embracing each other and backpacks, wrapped in sleeping bags.

The next morning we pull out our wonderful melodious drums. Start playing and … we are already going home with the first 5 orders from interested Odessa. This is the beginning of something truly unique! We are almost aware that life will turn 180 degrees and will no longer be the same.


In order to master the game on your “happy drums” you need to learn somewhere or is it a pure improvisation? Is musical education really necessary?

Once, the great Bach said: “In order to play music, you don’t have to learn at all. In this, of course, there is nothing difficult. You only need to press the right keys with your fingers at the right time. ”

A musical education may not be, in the ear, maybe a bear has arrived, however no matter how you play the heppidram, you will always get a harmonious melody, because any notes are compatible with each other in any order. Therefore, it is impossible to fake. The style of the game is determined by the player.

The only thing that happens by the way is a sense of rhythm. It is like a foundation for a melody, its backbone. The melody becomes more “readable” and expressive. This feeling is already developing

And the good news! The Showroom of the Alien Workshop in Kiev is conducted by specialized group master classes in the game on happyrams, where everyone can discover in themselves talent and that very feeling of rhythm.

I noticed that on the instruments the openings are arranged differently, and the material seems different – all this affects the sound. Right? From here and the different range. Tell us a little about him.

All petals or they are also called tongues can be of arbitrary shape. It’s all about the laws of physics. The heavier the petal, the bigger it is, the lower the note will sound on it. The smaller the petal, the thinner the note is higher.

The sound of the instrument can be made in a certain mood, having painted it, to choose from, in minor, major, Arab, Japanese, African, Indian, jazz and other musical scales. Anyway, each gamma plunges into its specific states.

And the material is, in fact, the same, just our gold craftsmen have certain sacred knowledge and secrets, for example, they can turn an ordinary metal into a noble thing and give it a magical look, which, later, you can already see the form.

In addition to sound, we also pay close attention to its appearance, namely, we put engravings / eternal volumetric drawings on the instruments. These can be drawings of a different nature: starting with flower mandalas, geometry and ending with your own drawing, even if it is your portrait (Yes, and that was, as a gift).

We especially love to face interesting orders, where the customer’s vigorous imagination manifests itself in full, because it is often in such cases that a very happy result is obtained.

How is a new drum “born” and when should we expect the replenishment of the assortment?

ABOUT! A new drum is born already when the order was made, the design, sound and color were chosen. Or spontaneously. Not without reason, we are issuing some completely new model, which the world has not seen before. For example, we are doing some kind of completely new coating, or a new design of the body itself, the shape of petals, an engraving.

Of the latest interesting models that are now widely popular, this is the “World” with a two-color image of a globe map of the world, which rests on three elephants, which, in turn, stand on a large turtle (and all this is located around the perimeter of the drum). The lively embodiment of the ancient legend of the universe had to taste not only us ?

We replenish our range every week.

Where and how can you buy your unearthly instruments?

There are enough images of these 🙂

In the showroom of the Alien Workshop in Kiev.

There are always ready heppidrams for any, even the most fastidious, taste and color. There are tools with diameters of 22, 34 and as much as 60 cm for lovers of “maximum effect”.

You can also place an order at the following links: in social networks or by calling tel. 063 585 92 95
Perhaps there is something to add on my own?

Let all the living beings in the world will find joy, find harmony and inner peace. Anichcha!

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