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Did you know…. ?

  • 01.06.2014
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Did you know…. ?

… Did you know that Mandala or Yantra? is the most ancient magic resonator (from time immemorial existing in the East), which is able to affect a person on a psychophysiological level, changing the electrical activity of the brain?

? As you noticed, we often have different patterns on the instruments in the format of a mandala. One of the most popular among customers is the Mandala of LOVE.


It is curious that the happyman with this engraving began to enjoy success precisely when we gave it this bright name.

And it happened after a beautiful story.


? The first instrument with a similar pattern was presented by one guy to his lovely sweetheart. She has long dreamed of such a gift. And so! The dream has become a reality and now they, for sure, with ecstasy enjoy the magical sounds alone with each other.

Now the Mandala of Love is given by parents to their children, wives to their beloved spouses, boys to their girls, girlfriends and even whole groups of workers to their superiors!


The Mandala of Love is the magic of the soul that has been embedded in a handcrafted instrument that emits amazing sounds.

for you! ❣

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