Visit to the Cancer Institute - Alien Workshop

Visit to the Cancer Institute

  • 05.04.2014
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Visit to the Cancer Institute

Eva from the Alien Workshop frankly shares her impressions of the visit to the Cancer Institute – a place where children with cancer and diseases live.

“Today, October 26, 2017 was at the Institute of Cancer. This is the place where people, oncology patients spend practically all their time. It happens that it is 3 months, sometimes a year or more. It’s like a prison, only there they give you better medicines and conditions. The purpose of my visit was to acquaint the children with the beautiful music of the happydrum musical instrument, which everyone, even a small child, can easily master.

I talked with children who are being treated there. All of them are almost indistinguishable from ordinary healthy children: the same, with ordinary needs for friendship, attention and care. Some of them are afraid to close their eyes, justifying themselves with the fact that they simply do not like to do this. Some do not like to be photographed, because they do not like themselves in the photo, so bald, thin and pale. Some people like cartoons about Frankenstein, because it is so funny that it was connected to electricity and it was recharged from it, and about zombies, apparently, they also have a lot in common. Of course, this will all go well for a purely subjective vision.

I felt an incredible love for them. No words to say …

We have a lot in common. These children excited in me some very deep memories of their rejection. I have buried them long ago and now they float out now in the form of incessant pain and tears.

I fall into remorse. I repent to those whom I did not take, for any manifestation, self-expression. Excuse me. It was unfair, I know. Now I understand why. After all, everyone deserves to manifest and create in this world. Everyone has the right to be burned and made mistakes, to show their own anger, joy, grief, to their own truth. Each has its place to be and its value. Each.

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