• 25.06.2014
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When you buy the Happydrum, you have to choose: matte or glossy? What coverage is better?


Glossy instruments are more “bright”. They have a more intense and contrasting color rendition.

However, on the instruments with such covering remains traces of fingers and sticks when you play. This is a minus. If you often drum, then these marks will be constantly, especially after regular rubbing with a tool care product.


Frosted Happydrums have an anti-reflective coating that “extinguishes” the glare. Therefore, playing such instruments leaves no “marks”.

The lack of matte tools – fading. Some of the colors on them look a little more dull, such as the color “chameleon”.

However, if we consider such colors as black, for example, then in the matte version it looks decent and elegant.


It all depends on your goals.

If you plan to play on the instrument often and take it with you everywhere, then you will definitely like the matt Happydrum.

If the aesthetic component, color rendition, glare are much more important to you, then the choice in favor of the glossy one will be useful.

Of course, it is impossible to create ideal conditions for the entire lifetime of a musical instrument. Today you work, forgetting everything, but tomorrow you can’t play enough, unrestrainedly and without interruption extracting the magic sounds. Therefore, choosing a glossy or matte finish, in any case, you make a compromise.

If it were possible to make an option where, on the click of a finger, the matte coating would change to a glossy (and vice versa), many would be happy. After all, it would allow to “tune” the instrument under specific conditions. But this is impossible.

Therefore, probably, the opposition “glossy vs matte” will continue. After all, how many people, so many opinions.

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