Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 an inch
Height: 12 centimeters
4,72 an inch

8 symmetrically arranged round petals
8 note





Listen to the scale


We always want to dedicate art and music to the great characters!

The God of Ancient Greece Zeus is known to us as the main god-Olympian, ruling the whole world, the sky, thunder and lightning. The god of Ancient Greece Zeus is associated with real fate, destiny. This is justified by the fact that the people (begging ang praying) were protected by him. Not only the subjects obeyed to Zeus, but also the kings and the other gods and even the dead.

He is the one, who differentiates between good and evil. He acquainted people with the concepts of shame and conscience. Zeus is the supreme god of Olympus. The location of the god was Mount Olympus, because the patriarchy of Zeus was called Olympic. The power of the patron did not satisfy other gods, because they tried to overthrow him from the throne. But they have not been able to commit a coup d’etat, that’s why all the offenders were punished.

By fair and strong Zeus were committed  both a good deeds and real feats in the name of universal good. Zeus is not only a true supreme god, patron and leader, he is a symbol of brotherly love, intelligence and logic. From a young age Zeus differed from peers with a thirsty to live, fight for justice, to win. The legendary Titan is a true fighter and general builder.

“Life”, “boiling”, “irrigation” – these are the roots of Greek words associated with this powerful name!


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Instrument «Zeus»

Ø 34 cm 8 note

Colour: golden