Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 an inch
Height: 14 centimeters
5,51 an inch

10 symmetrically arranged round petals
10 note





Listen to the scale



Once scientific sages came to the edge of the earth, looked down and even gasped. The scientists doubted the Earth’s persistence and the stamina of the animals that hold it. And even after the sincere statements and arguments that sounded from the turtle and elephants, the scientists anyways decided to save the Earth by all means, before it’s too late!

глюкофон планета

Then they think the following: “We will nail with the steel nails the globe in the shell of the Turtle and with the gold chains we will chain elephants to the turtle. Yes! We will save mankind and the Earth! ”

The scientists have hurt to the core the honest guardians of the Earth with their mistrust and before they could to repent of it they became compelled witnesses  of the withdrawal of the offended animals.

The sages screwed up in horror and started to wait … A minute passed. Two. Three … And the Earth is hanging! The hour passed. Day. A year … And she keeps! And a thousand years passed. And a million … And the Earth does not fall! And some sages are still waiting tha it will fall. And they can not possibly understand  – on what does it hold? So much time has passed, and it’s not known to them that  the only one on what Earth still holds is ONLY the honest word!


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Instrument «World»

Ø 34 cm 10 note

Colour: Gold