Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 in.
Height: 12 centimeters
4,72 in.

8 symmetrically arranged round petals
8 notes

Wheel of Eternity




Listen to the scale


This drawing-engraving is about a lot. The symmetry that the human eye loves so and the whole stylization itself, which is performed in a geometric style, tells us in a figurative way that everything in the world is harmonious and interconnected and without one there will not be another. The theory, which was called “chair” – if there is at least one leg, the entire chair will become unstable and fall. The whole world is a big system that consists of smaller systems, which in turn are divided into even smaller systems and the division goes down to atoms and less. All these systems are interrelated and interact constantly.

Everything is cyclical in this world, like turning a wheel or repeating a rhythm in a melody. And sometimes one can understand much more about the universe with the help of music and the subtleties of its structure, which characterizes this our huge system in one way or another. Someone said before us: “Great – is in the small”. And it is impossible to argue with this.


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Instrument «Wheel of Eternity»

Ø 34 cm 8 notes

Color: golden