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Diameter: 36 centimeter
14,5 an inch
Height: 15 centimeters
5,5 an inch

10 notes
10 note


    208 $




    scale (mood) –  AEOLIAN


    scale (mood) – NATURAL MINOR



    MIRA model, a new stage in the development of reed drums

    Красный Глюкофон киев

    MIRA model, a new stage in the development of reed drums. Two hemispheres are connected by gluing and not welding two parts of the tool (as with standard glucophone. We use heavy-duty sanitary sealant which is used when gluing handpans (hangs)

    Double petals, comfortable for playing chords, give a pleasant and clear sound

    We use thinner steel, so you can easily play with your hands or chopsticks. In addition, thin steel reduces weight, so it is lighter than a classic steel drum



    Some distinguishing features:

    – anti-corrosion coating;
    – magnets with which you can adjust the accuracy of notes (full-time setting)
    – rubber feet for playing on a hard surface
    – clear sound without metallic overtones
    – bright appearance
    – pleasant to the touch texture of tools


    We paid all attention to the details of the instrument to achieve the best sound quality.



    + free set of sticks


    We are also ready to manufacture a personal instrument for an individual requirements, with a unique pattern, color and processing.
    For this, please, contact us by phone or write.

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    Instrument «MIRA»

    Ø 36 cm 10 note

    Colour: red