Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 an inch
Height: 12 centimeters
4,72 an inch

10 symmetrically arranged round petals
10 note

Goddess of the Wind



Blue with holographic grinding elements (Unique)

Listen to the scale


“Author’s work, a symbiosis of the fascinating art of airbrushing, 3D holography and music.
Meet the Goddess of the wind.

Unaware of the true physical causes of the occurrence of various winds, the people of antiquity saw in them the manifestation of the will of the gods.

This wizard with her wind music and not only that is able to win the heart of anyone, even if you are the most avid musician and virtuoso! Uncommon serious nature, which is able to set goals and achieve their implementation. She’s got used to keep emotions under control and use the intelligence to get the desired results. “Water of Air” has an exceptional hopeless insight. You can not fool her. A good organizer and extremely goal-oriented person. Usually this is a woman who has authority and power and uses them to achieve her own goals. She is courageous, resolute, severe, impenetrable, can be unrelenting, because she does not allow emotions to affect the decisions she makes. She is often attributed with suppressing feelings, but in reality they are simply not the most precious thins that she has. She does not serve them. She serves knowledge, freedom and truth and asserts them completely independently of what others feel about it. This is the most difficult internal alchemy – the creation of harmony between the intellectual and emotional center. When you hear her “” Singing “” – you just want to say a solemn “” Bravo! “”


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Instrument «Goddess of the Wind»

Ø 34 cm 10 note

Colour: Blue with holographic grinding elements (Unique)