Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 an inch
Height: 12 centimeters
4,72 an inch

10 symmetrically arranged round petals
10 note

God of fire



Red with holographic grinding elements (Unique)

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Author’s work, performed in the technique of airbrushing using a unique 3D holographic effect. When we are talking about the God of Fire, it is worth noting that the main language in which he communicates with others is the language of Passion. He personifies strength, energy, determination and full responsibility for his actions. No matter how overbearing he can be, usually this character is noble and generous and has very constructive and honest intentions. His element is a direct action, an act. I wanted it, I did it! The famous proverb that it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret is completely in the spirit of the God of Fire. As such appreciates the Act. Believe me, you will be charged with this energy from A to Z, playing this instrument. It is only necessary to succumb to his fiery charms.


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Instrument «God of fire»

Ø 34 cm 10 note

Colour: Red with holographic grinding elements (Unique)