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Kalimba is an ancient African instrument that has been woven into modern culture thanks to the Englishman Hugh Tracey, who in 1954 founded the International Library of African Music company and began to produce calimas for export to Europe and America.

The instrument resembling a music box fascinated the Englishman not only with the sound but also with the ease of mastering: in a few minutes an interesting rhythm could be created, in a few hours an unusual musical figure. It is not necessary to play by notes or chords – most often on the Kalimba they play purely intuitively, by intuition.

Kalimba Sky Jam percussion is a very soulful instrument, on which even a child can play. It sounds reminiscent of Hang and Glukofon. The calimba made of birch plywood is made, the coating is oil, sometimes stain, and also on each instrument a hand-burnt drawing. The tongue group is made of copper, brass, steel and dural. Basically, Kalimba has 9 petals and is tuned by pentatonic in MI, sometimes in FA.


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Instrument «Calimba»

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