Diameter: 34 centimeter
13,38 in.
Height: 12 centimeters
4,72 in.

8 symmetrically arranged triangular petals
8 notes

Goddess of Water



Blue with holographic grinding elements (Unique)

Listen to the scale


That is author’s work performed in the technique of airbrushing using a unique 3D holographic effect. Meet that with admiring eyes cause that is the very embodiment of Love and understanding! Here we will talk about a kind, subtle and creative nature, the mistress of the sensual and exuberant element of Water. This lady lives not with the mind, but with the heart, trusting her wise intuition, which often leads her to wherever she needs to. The soul of the World, whose sensitivity and charm makes open any person next to her. Her music heals and that’s it. These sounds will lead in captivity anyone who touches them at least once, because it’s about feelings. Are you ready to give yourself to her in full?


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Instrument «Goddess of Water»

Ø 34 cm 8 notes

Color: Blue with holographic grinding elements (Unique)