Welcome to our website, friend.

We manufacture musical instruments of a new generation called Happy Drum.

They are called differently: steel tongue drum, dream drum, tank drum.It is also called as a Gluckofone  in our locality.

Some people mistakenly call it a uvular drum, Hang, Hang drum or handpan.

Our workshop was founded in 2014 and was one of the first workshops in Ukraine.

During this time, we produced more than 2,000 of musical instruments.

Innovations and improvements related to the sound and appearance of reed drums has been done.

Our instrumenst can be found in almost all corners of our planet.

All instruments are handmade



Every happy drum, released by the hands of our masters - is unique.

Because It's 100% handmade! Design, color and sound, of course, can be repeated, but the combinations of these parameters are always different. We care about instruments being a reflection of the valuable soul of their owners.

If you did not find the instrument to your taste from available ones - you can make an individual order by selecting your pattern, sound and color. And our manager will help you with this with a big pleasure.

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