Hang - we create masterpieces (happy drum, hang buy)


Welcome to our website, friend.

We are engaged in the manufacture of musical instruments of a new generation called Happy Drum. Our workshop was founded on September , 2014, and was one of the first workshops in Ukraine.

Our steel tongue drum's can be found in almost all corners of your planet. All Happy Drum are handmade.


The specificity of Happy Drum is extremely simple.

Due to the pentatonic sound series, it is impossible to "play nout of tune" on this instrument. This feature makes it popular both among professional musician looking for fresh sound and beginners, who want creativity, love music, but do not want to delve into the music theory.

The sound of the instrument is gentle, caressing the ear. It is similar to the sounding of harp, xylophone and hang.

You can play both in a fun company and in silence, dive into the depths, exploring yourself through sound.

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