How to choose an instrument with a soul ?

  • 22.01.2013
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How to choose an instrument with a soul ?


This is important, because a person on  a subconscious level will read exactly your feelings that was born in you on the basis of perception of a musical instrument.

So, you chose the sound, set the mood. And a certain image was created.

And what if we add a visual image to this image as well? What if we add a picture (we put on a choice, an engraving or a volumetric drawing) with an image inserted in it? Like, for example, doing  eternal drawings on the body (tattoo), wishing to see some pleasant memory or symbolism.

Imagine what effect will be?

What do we feel when we hear the noise of the current waterfall? And what if we are also watching on it? Do you like it? And if around this waterfall are jungle with wild plants, which are exuding fragrant scents? What happens?


The more our sensory perception system  (ears, eyes, tactile (touch)), nose, taste receptors) is involved, the more we are attracted by the object!

Why do we love nature so much? Is it because it is perfect in this way? Everything that we come into contact with, while  going to the mountains, or to the forest or the sea, we  perceive all this by our system. Or lovely person – everything is cool in him or her. Even the aroma of sweat)


When I thought about it first time, I was just blown away by what kind of powerful “pill” we make for people! It’s not just a sound, guys! Namely, the above combination gives it the right to be called harmonious. Do you understand?

Even the naturalness of the  raw materials (metal) which are used. It is a material which is extracted from the earth  while the mining process.

Finally I want to add.

It’s cool when a person makes their choice conscious (responsible). It’s always interesting. Do you know why? Everything is simple.

Because consciousness comes from the very depths of the soul.

It turns out that a person gives to our masters this mood and they respond to it on the same vibrations.

The master will make a beautiful shape of instrument for this person, carefully cut out the petals, give them the right key, so  they will sound in the most magical way and will give the instrument shades, which will impress your listeners and will put an idea into their heads that this adorable instrument are made of precious metals (such as a gold, bronze, brass …).

The picture will be, as it were, alive, “speaking”. And all it will be, because you have put into this a special meaning.

Let the beauty will always live in your soul, even when it’s raining ..;)!

Good luck in your choice, friend!


(C) Eva V.

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