We are engaged in the manufacture of musical instruments invented a new generation of the twenty-first century. Call them differently:

Glukofon, Happy drum, tank drum, steel tongue drum ,hapi drum.

The peculiarity and the uniqueness of it is that it can play absolutely any person, it does not need any knowledge
The secret lies in the fact that the scale is designed so that in whatever sequence you have not played, will turn melodious and beautiful harmony.

Instead of a thousand words, look and listen to that a little touch to the point of this tool

Audio sound of one of the works

Stechkin -Rain:

All of our instruments have a unique clarity and specificity of the construction of the musical series. Sheet Music series built specifically, it allows to obtain a harmonious and beautiful melody does not, depending on your musical abilities or experience.

Steel tongue drum is inherently idiophone (self-sounding instrument sound source which is the body of the instrument itself) such as a bell, Tibetan singing bowls, xylophone

To date, about self-sounding instruments science knows a lot of facts confirmed:

Effectively helps relieve stress


Brings you to a state of calm, catharsis


Restore balance the nervous system


Stabilize blood pressure


Improves concentration


The advantages of this tool and why with us?

It is compact, allowing you to always carry it with me, like a book or laptop. We do not paint their instruments, acts as a protective layer, burnished. Qualitatively made burnishing tool gives a special aesthetic appearance. Besides burnishing not affect the quality of sound, in contrast to the painting.

  • The choice has a large range of colors;
  • Engraving and Etching – A tool with a pattern, the person of its owner. Words are superfluous if you can see the work of our master engraver in the photo;
  • We really appreciate the original items, because never do the same tools, steel tongue drum each is unique and unrepeatable;
  • Delivery in Ukraine and worldwide – Our work can be found in Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus and Estonia.

Reviews happy owners of our steel tongue drum:

Misha Birchenko

Ordered a drum in a steep master Antonio purely for professional use, but so has the range of sound pryemnyy capsule, this is my good fortune that I regularly each day vidvozhu yourself 5-10 minutes for cleaning and charge the aura of positive energy by playing on the drum! Thank Anton, a man who, having small features, makes such wonderful things!) Good luck to all, I strongly advise to order!)

Pierre Kornev

I bought this amazing tool. I have no words! This is the most unique that was created when a man! The tool makes a divine sounds and pleasing to the eye. It's not just instrument- is the soul of the master! I struck a professional approach to work. The masterpiece was made just a few days! And when I arrived at the piano, I would not go away, very warm welcome. Thank you, that you are!


All the good and clear day! I turned 50 yesterday! And I fulfilled my dream! In winter, the fabulous city for the first time heard the sounds of Hapi drama! He conquered me and since then I kept thinking about how I want to instrument! I rummaged through the Internet and highlighted the works of Anton Stechkina! I could not tear myself away from a variety of masterpieces! Very easily and quickly agreed and now: I Hapi my drama!


For the first time I saw his miracle - another festival, and since we had not parted. The drum not only produces wonderful sounds of space, which can enjoy the infinite, but also harmonizes the space attracts people who need it. Especially cool kids react to these enchanting sounds. This month, he traveled with me one city and became a celebrity.

As a unique steel tongue drum (Happy drum)?


You can come to us, to see, to listen, to play himself, having discussed previously time. Contact: (380) 050 962 82 52 | (380) 095 705 76 45
we can put your drawing, or draw a sketch for you personally, can also choose from a ready-made tool with a pattern
possibly as well as drawing, is discussed individually.
It is not Hang. Hang looks like this – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_(instrument)
It depends on the complexity of the work
We concluded that the impact. The sound becomes muffled.
It depends on the complexity of the work and on the workload of our masters. These issues are discussed at time of booking.

On this account many decent work and a very good reputation, so we’re not going to spoil her. We have worked and are working for you. First of all it is important, what would you like our work.

We have had cases where people did the work order, and then just disappeared. In such cases, we will be forced to pay for the trip tool both ways.

You can, click here for details – https://vk.com/topic-64618468_32866789

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